Museum Location

The museum is located in Centennial Park near Salida Hot Springs Pool and adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce visitor center on “I” Street at U.S. Highway 50 West.

Winter 2014-2015



We will be closed February and March to remodel our front entrance area. Please plan to visit after the dust has settled and the displays are back together after Easter. We’ll have some new displays up front, so even if you’ve been here before, plan to stop by to see the changes!

Winter Hours:

If you or your guests are looking for something to do, consider a visit! Our volunteers enjoy telling the story of Salida and the Upper Arkansas Valley. We are open this winter: Saturday from 1-5 and Sunday from 1-5. Admission continues to be $3 for adults, and prorated for children.

Our winter hours are subject to volunteer availability. So, feel free to call ahead to see if we are open: 719-539-7483. Winter hours are in effect from Labor Day through Memorial Day.  If you are looking to visit the museum and need a special time or day contact us and we will see what we can work out.

New exhibits are being created on an ongoing basis, so if you haven’t been back to visit recently, come and see the new displays and stories. Hope to see you soon!

The Salida Museum Playing Card Fund Raisier

The Salida Museum presents Real Souvenir Playing Cards for the Salida Museum. A “Fun & Historic” deck of 56 normal casino quality playing cards celebrating . . . Salida, Colorado, the “Heart of the Rockies!”

You can sponsor a card and put . . . “In Memory of . . . ”  or  “Sponsored by . . . ” as a personal statement or to help promote your business. Each card face in the deck will be sponsored by a local business, family, organization, person or whomever wants to play a part in the deck. This is a great way to advertise your group/organization or just put your family name on a piece of history.

There are 3 different levels to participate in this fund raiser:

$75 to sponsor any number card of any suite.

$150 to sponsor any face card of any suite or one of the wild cards.

$250 to sponsor one of the Aces.

And if you like, you may sponsor more than one card.

If you are interested please call the Salida Museum and leave your contact information and that you would like to join our current fund raiser. 719-539-7483, we will get back with you as soon as possible. (Hurry, the chance for participating in the fund raiser is ending soon)

From Depot Sam

Howdy Folks, Depot Sam here. The good people at the SalidaMuseum have decided to let me stop by from time to time and tell you a little about Salida and the surrounding area. We’ll see what we can dig up about the Arkansas Valley and some of the mountain mining towns, people and stories. Stop by the museum’s website here and click on on my name “Depot Sam” in the menu. Oh, and be sure to visit the museum every chance you can and make sure you join the association, heck, it’s only ten dollars a year.

Salida – Heart of the Rockies – Song

Salida Song Ver 1 from the 1978 45rpm record