Wacky Colorado Laws

Good thing Sleeping Beauty was not in Sterling, Colorado and surrounding Logan County when she pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and fell into a long sleep, it is illegal in Sterling for a man to kiss a woman while she is asleep, sorry Prince Charming, you’d be serving time.

In Pueblo, it is illegal to allow a dandelion to grown within the city limits.

One state law, supposedly still on the books in Sterling, states that a pet cat, if loose, must have a tail light!  So do you think they carry cat tail lights at Petsmart?

It’s illegal to crash into a ski lift tower or sign when skiing in Vail. I guess they have alot of cops hanging out at the bunny slops to fill those easy quota’s.

You may not abuse rats in Denver. I guess rats are a favored pet in Denver.

If you know of some wacky Colorado laws send us an email and we will put it on our Wacky Colorado Laws page. Thanks!

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